Smart Solar Home System

Modular design for systems, tell us the daily power consumption of your application, we will design for you the most saving system including the storage batteries.

System can work in parallel independently, which means even one of the solar micro inverter fails, it will not affect the other system.

Option: You can have a centralized control management via the network connection; also, can have intelligent remote management via smart control APP.

Easy installation. you can install the system easily, do no need any technician to work on it.

Solar Spec: Mono flexible solar module
Power at Max.: 120W/ 145W/ 170W
Vmp: 20~35VDC
Dimension: 1310 x 620 x 100mm (120W)

1570 x 620 x 100mm (145W)

1830 x 620 x 100mm (170W)
Weight: 10kg (120W)

11.5kg (145W)

13kg (170W)
Micro Inverter Spec: Sine Wave
DP Input 20~35V
AC Output 220V/ 50Hz, 150VA
Dimension: 218*105*36mm

Power Storage Unit: As designed according to needs.